Tim and Brady discuss ideas for podcasts that they will (probably) never make.



Is this the same Brady who does Hello Internet?

Is the other guy really called Tim?

How do I listen?
Here is some guidance.

That idea you discussed, it already exists... etc?
That's going to happen sometimes. But still feel free to tell us about it.

I liked one of your ideas. You should make a real episode of it?
Sometimes we do. We did it for Tommyball and a few others.

How do I get in touch?
Reddit and Twitter are fine, or you can try your luck with an email to unmadefm AT gmail.com

What is a Donovan Doubleback?
Find out here.

Do you T-Shirts and stuff I can wear to show support for the show?
Why yes we do - here you go.

What do Brady and Tim look like?