How to Listen

1. You can stream the podcast from our "episodes" page and by pressing play on the little widget.

2. You can listen in most podcast apps... It's on the iTunes store at this link or just search "Unmade Podcast" and it will hopefully turn up!

3. It's gradually appearing on other podcast players...
Overcast has it here
Pocketcasts has it here
We'll add more links as we see them!

If you're struggling, most apps will let you add a podcast's RSS feed manually. If you can figure that out, the feed is

4. You can watch on YouTube here. Make sure you subscribe to the channel if you like it.

However you listen, please subscribe so you'll get notified of future episodes. And do all that rating and commenting stuff too - we need all the help we can get!

Our social media links are at the bottom of the page.

And to go the extra mile, there's also a Patreon Page. That will have some interesting bonuses for supporters!

Thank you.

Tim and Brady